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About Us

BRIGHT-LAND Enterprises Inc Ltd (BL) is a Professional LED manufacturer. Established in 2004, BL has been continuously developing customized solutions in LED lighting products and LED controlling systems.
From its international increasing successes, Bright-Land took advantage for building a modern and well equipped factory in Shenzhen area, with more than 3000 sqm and 50 production workers per shift.

In connection with its major markets and clients in Asia, Europe, CIS countries and North America, Bright-Land has decided:

  • to focus its internal resources on four main lines of products :
    • Waterproof High Power LED modules, with a present monthly capacity of two million units to be brought to nearly one million units
    • High brightness, high performances led tubes, with a present monthly capacity of 50 thousand units
    • Waterproof and non waterproof high brightness led strips and bars, with a monthly capacity of 20 kms
    • High brightness low consumption ceiling panels and boxes
    • High performances LED and COB streetlamps and highbay projectors
  • to invest in the best testing and controlling equipment:
    spectrometry, IES control, capable of controlling the internal production, of course, but also the other lines of products which can be subcontracted to neighbor Partner companies which share BL values and specially accept to meet our quality challenges.
  • to invest in a strong European operation, based in Budapest (Hungary), composed of
    • a strong international sales team
    • a logistics base, maintaining inventory of standard products, and servicing European clients
    • a very well equipped QC center, and
    • an assembly workshop for more and more products which might need European branding for their respective markets

For its international recognition, Bright-Land Group has two websites, oriented towards the international , asian and Chinese markets., created for the European markets, and so developing national versions in most European languages; currently in Hungarian, English, French and German. The website will be soon available in Czech, Polish and Russian.

And also, Bright-Land ensures its presence in several exhibitions along the years:

  • In Continental China, Guangzhou, (March and June 2014) LED exhibitions
  • In Hong Kong, (October 2014) LED exhibition
  • In Moscow, (November 2014) LED exhibition
  • Guangzhou and Shanghai Exhibitions in march and june 2015
  • Hong Kong exhibition in october 2015

Through its European base, in partnership with the French company, STEP, Bright-Land has become a major supplier of LED products of the French Subway in Paris, participating actively in the 4 year long relamping project of Paris Subway stations.
Through its distribution network, acting in different countries of CIS countries, Eastern Europe and the Countries in the Middle East, as well as through its big direct clients in France, Germany, the United States, and closer countries like India, Malaysia and the Philippines, Bright-Land is preparing its further expansion towards South America and Africa.


Office and Showroom

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